Color: Grey
Materials: Italian vegetable tanned leather
Adjustable Length

W-102' Straps 45 degree - Grey

Closing Parts Color
  • W-102

    is a design line every products has a restricted width 102mm. Products are modular design which allow users to combine and dissemble every parts. 

    W-102 Straps 45 degree

    is used to attach different W-102 Modules for users to wear it freely. We designed different modules that costumers can replace them easily or use them seperately in order to give them a whole new experience of daily usage.

    Adjustable length.
    with 45 degree angle allows user to wear it on shoulder or waist.

    Fully hand stitched.

    Recommended to use with W-102 Collection products

    For different situation W-102 Wallet allow you to change it to a simply version with some easy steps to maintain its flexibility. To explore more modules you may discover in W-102 Collection.

    Designed and Handmade in Hong Kong

    Worldwide shipping

    Allowed Paypal